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UESTC Conducted Inspection of Production Safety and Emergency Drills for Students Back to School During the Epidemic Prevention and Control

Recently, UESTC has conducted on-site inspections of production safety and emergency drills for students who are back to school in the 2020 spring semester in order to improve emergency response capabilities, prepare for students' safe return and ensure the safety of teachers and students. On May 6th , UESCT leaders led five teams to inspect on-site production safety of Qingshuihe and Shahe campuses. On May 8th and 9th , UESTC held emergency drills for back-to-school on Qingshuihe and Shahe campuses to test emergency response capabilities of epidemic prevention and control.



On the afternoon of May 6th , secretary of UESTC Party Committee Wang Yafei went to the Pinxue Building, student dormitories, Siyuan cafeteria, West Gate and hospital of Qingshuihe Campus to check the work of epidemic prevention and control, the preparation for students' return and the formulation of emergency response plans. Wang Yafei emphasized that UESTC should give priority to the safety and health of all UESTC people through strict implementation of various epidemic prevention measures as well as dynamic analysis and judgement of the epidemic. He also said, careful consideration about possible problems and constant improvement of the various plans are needed in order to improve the weaknesses of the current work in a timely manner. All functional departments and colleges should strengthen communication to ensure the smooth and effective channels of information reporting , and they should also listen and respond to students' opinions and suggestions.



On the afternoon of May 8th, UESTC president Zeng Yong watched the back-to-school emergency drills and provided guidance on the work of epidemic prevention and control. Zeng Yong also emphasized that heads of all functional departments, colleges and personnel involved should keep in mind their job responsibilities and work processes so that they can respond to emergencies in a timely, correct and effective manner. He added, in order to ensure the safety and health of all UESTC people, all units should carefully review experience and deficiencies of this drill and pay close attention to all tasks through further improvement and optimization as well as training for all staff.

School leaders including Xiong Caidong, Shen Xiaorong, Hu Haoquan, Peng Lan and Hu Jun provided suggestions about elimination of safety risks and implementation of corrective measures after they led the inspection teams of epidemic prevention and control, public safety, production safety, fire safety and laboratory safety to inspect the implement of epidemic prevention and control plan of each unit, material preparations, traffic safety of campus and surroundings, food hygiene, construction in progress, fire prevention, and management of hazardous materials on campus. The inspection teams recognized each unit in UESTC for doing the work of epidemic prevention and control and safety production at the same time. They also required all units to firmly establish the bottom line thinking, and to grasp all the prevention and control measures and all the work of safety production, so that both the epidemic prevention and control and safety production could be done simultaneously to safeguard the safety of UESTC.








In the emergency drills, the school conducted on-site simulation of key scenarios such as students returning to school, entering dormitory, having classes, and dining in the cafeteria according to the requirements of the whole process and elements. The West Gate of Qingshuihe Campus and Shahe Campus set up six areas for co-working, student waiting, identification, temperature taking, temperature review and temporary observation. Participants simulated the actual process of students and queued up for entering the school. At the entrance of No.21 dormitory in Qingshuihe campus and No.5 dormitory of Xin Yuan in Shahe campus, the wardens of dorm checked the students' temperature again, and reminded everyone to pay attention to personal hygiene. At the Siyuan cafeteria of Qingshuihe campus, students queued up to take temperature in an orderly manners and sterilized their hands before entering. Then they lined up one meter apart to take meals and took their seats for meal. In the Pinxue Building A, students took classes in isolated seats. The above simulated the scenarios of emergency, for example, there are patients with fever or suspected COVID-19 cases in the crowd. It also focused on investigating whether the various departments respond quickly in information report, quarantine, personnel transfer, site sealing and environment disinfect with close coordination and appropriate measures.













Heads of relevant functional departments and secretaries of each college's Party Committee viewed the emergency drill. Undergraduates, postgraduates and counselors of each college participated in the emergency drill.

Translated by Fan Zhaojun, supervised by Liao Min.

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