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UESTC Undertook 2020 Asia Energy and Electrical Engineering Symposium

On May 28-31, the 2nd Asia Energy and Electrical Engineering Symposium (AEEES 2020) was held online. AEEES 2020 was jointly sponsored by IEEE, UESTC and Sichuan Institute of Electronics, and undertaken by School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of UESTC and Chengdu Young Academic Conference Co., Ltd. Prof. Huang Qi and Prof. Hu Weihao of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of UESTC were the presidents of AEEES 2020. AEEES 2020 received academic support from Aalborg University, University of Calgary, University of New South Wales, Wuhan University, Hohai University, and United States National Academy of Sciences.

On May 28, the opening ceremony was held. Prof Huang Qi, President of AEEES 2020 and Vice President of Chengdu University of Technology, delivered an opening speech, expressed thanks to the assisting units of AEEES 2020, and sent sincere wishes for the successful convening of AEEES 2020. Members of the Organizing Committee of AEEES 2020, including Prof. Adam Waldemar Skorek and Associate Prof. Zhang Zhenyuan, participated in the online opening ceremony.


In the special report session on May 28 and 29, Prof. Zhe Chen of Aalborg University and IEEE Fellow, Prof. Alberto Borghetti of University of Bologna and IEEE Fellow, Prof. Dennis Leung of The University of Hong Kong, Prof. Di Shi of GEIRI North America, Prof. Hassan Bevrani of Osaka University respectively made wonderful thematic reports on artificial intelligence grid and renewable energy, etc. Prof. Cai Qi of State Grid Corporation of China, Prof. Yu Miao of Zhejiang University, and Prof. Tang Jinrui of Wuhan University of Technology were also invited to speak at AEEES 2020.


AEEES 2020 attracted more than 200 experts and scholars to participate in the online discussion and set up 26 sub sessions. During the four-day conference, 192 reporters focused on electrical engineering theory and new technology, new motor design and application, high voltage transmission and insulation technology, electrical fault diagnosis and monitoring, electric power and electronics and transmission technology, transformer design and analysis, electric power market consumption and strategy, fault location and safety analysis of distribution network, micro grid operation and optimization, smart grid operation and management, electronic and electrical engineering and other topics are discussed, and shared the latest research and experience in their respective fields.

On the afternoon of May 31, the closing ceremony was held. Prof. Hu Weihao, President of AEEES 2020, delivered a closing speech. At the closing ceremony, the list of winners was announced. Prof. Duan Dongliang, Prof. Yang Bo and Prof. Hou Hui won the Best Young Scientist Award, and articles of Prof. Liu Xiaolong, Prof. Cao Di and Prof. Zhang Zhenzhe as the first authors won the Excellent Thesis Award.

AEEES 2020 has attracted wide attention since its preparation, and has received more than 330 theses for publication from multiple countries and regions, 192 of which stood out and were included in the conference proceedings. This online conference received high praise from the participants. AEEES 2020 will also be committed to bringing together electrical and energy scientific researchers and professionals to actively discuss, promote research and development in the field of electricity and energy, and advance the exchange of ideas and innovations between the industry and academia.

Translated by Yang Yunfei, supervised by Long Mei.


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