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Fully Engaged in Re-Examinations: 2020 UESTC Online Re-Examinations for Graduate Students Has Held Successfully

Although the candidates and the interviewers are thousands miles away, they can also meet each other online. Recently, UESTC online re-examinations for 2020 master degree candidates held successfully, in which nearly 2000 teachers and school staff fully engaged. Re-examinations for admissions began on May 16th respectively in two UESTC campuses and continued until mid-June. More than 100 smart classrooms and 50 meeting rooms were used in this time.

During the re-examination of each college, secretary of UESTC Party Committee Wang Yafei, UESTC president Zeng Yong, and UESTC vice-president Hu Haoquan came to the Shahe campus and the Qingshuihe campus to inspect and guide the organization and implementation of the online remote re-examination.

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Scientific Decision-making: Determining Re-examination Plan With Careful Considerations

COVID-19 brings new challenges to the re-examination for graduate candidates. In order to ensure the smooth enrollment of graduate students, the leading group, in charge of UESCT enrollment of graduate students, earnestly implements the important instructions of President Xi, and decisions and deployment of the Central Committee of the CPC. Besides, the leading group also fully deployed the enrollment of graduate students and discussed the re-examination for many times according to the Ministry of Education’s and Sichuan Province’s overall requirements of the epidemic prevention and control as well as enrollment of graduate students.

The graduate school of UESTC fully did some research on the plans of other universities and collected opinions from the guidance group of graduate enrollment and each college of UESTC. With repeated cautious discussions and judgments, the online remote re-examination plan was determined after the reviews of the leading group of UESTC graduate enrollment and was reported to Sichuan Educational Examination Authority for record and reference. Then, on the basis of safety, fairness and scientificity, UESTC took the online re-examinations for 2020 master degree with overall consideration, targeted decisions and strict management.



Thorough Implementation: Ensuring the Justice of Re-examination with a Series of Measures


In order to strengthen the scientific rationality of the organization and management of graduate enrollment work, over 20 documents about systems, norms and work-flows including 2020 UESTC Re-Examination Plan For Master Degree Candidates were formulated by UESTC according to the spirit and relevant requirements of Notice of General Office of Ministry of Education on the work of 2020 National Postgraduate Re-examination. With clarified work duties and strengthened risk prevention, these documents further improved and regulated the management of all aspects of enrollment work such as re-examination, admission and confidentiality, which ensured the safe and smooth implementation of re-examination work.

Under the leadership of the leading group of UESTC graduate admission work, UESTC and each college set up the working group of examination and re-examination working groups of graduate admission respectively. Graduate school, information center, logistics support department, school hospital, security department of UESTC Party Committee and each college also carefully planned and paid close attention to the enrollment work with overall considerations, targeted decisions and thorough implementation.


On this basis, UESTC strictly managed re-examination work and strengthened the re-examination work training, simulation exercises, process management, test-preparation management and guarantees of re-examination working conditions. The school also made more serious examination disciplines and gave advice and instructions for meeting the basic requirements. Taking the re-examination work training as an example, in the face of the new situation of online remote re-examination, the school conducts more than 70 training for all staff, the whole process and all aspects at the school and college levels. All the training were aimed at security and confidentiality, work norms, software platform use as well as transfer and admission work.



In terms of process management of the re-examination, UESTC has perfected three random working mechanism: determining the re-examination order of candidate randomly, determining the members of the re-examination group randomly and choosing the re-examination questions randomly. In order to strengthen process supervision, the school established the supervision team of 2020 re-examinations, and formulated College Self-Examination List of 2020 UESTC Re-examination and Admission Work of Graduate Students and Supervisor List of 2020 UESTC Re-examination and Admission Work of Graduate Students. The supervision team conducted a comprehensive supervision for each college during the preparation and organization stage of the re-examination work.

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The graduate school and each college carried out detailed consultation and guidance, and arranged specially-assigned person to answer all kinds of questions from candidates by multiple channels including telephone, mailbox, online message and online automatic answering system for graduate admissions all the day. At the same time, they also registered WeChat official account -- Chengdian Graduate Enrollment, and released the relevant information on re-examination and enrollment at the first time. The official account also focused on answering questions and released over 20 kinds of hot information including the re-examination scores of UESTC and each college in the past decade, introductions of each college, Guidelines for Graduate Students to Apply Joint Education Program, and notice of enrollment. It also released detailed instructions for the use of software platform and relevant requirements of re-examination such as Instructions for Online Remote Re-examination of Graduate Students and Instructions to Candidates. The interests of candidates were effectively protected by the timely publicity and answers. And the emotional anxiety caused by the epidemic and other factors to the candidates was also effectively resolved, which helped the candidates to have smooth re-examinations.



Orderly Advancement: Developing Various Work As Planned

Under the collaborative guarantee of multiple departments, the re-examination work went smoothly. On April 29th , the school submitted the re-examination work plan to Sichuan Educational Examination Authority for review and record, and the next day the school held work meeting about graduate re-examination. On May 6th, the Graduate School held the first college training session of the re-examination work. On May 7th, the school debugged and tested the online interview system Feishu and then formulated an operation guide. On May 8th, every candidate was assigned a Feishu account. They downloaded the software, and logged in to punch ...

In order to increase the support and guarantee for informatization of re-examination work, UESTC information center customized functional modules such as face recognition and data review for online remote re-examination based on the Feishu platform. Specially-assigned people were arranged to provide network and software support for each college, and cooperated with the college to complete simulation exercises on the work flow of software platform and re-examination for many times. To deal with the possible emergencies such as problems of software, hardware, network and power supply, the graduate school of UESTC formulated Emergency Plan for 2020 UESTC Online Remote Re-examination of Graduate Students and Emergency Treatment for 2020 UESTC Online Remote Re-examination of Graduate Students, and comprehensively deployed and prepared for the emergency treatment.

Before the re-examination, the college carry out full coverage of mock interviews. All candidates conduct mock interviews before the formal re-examination to ensure the smooth re-examination. During the re-examination, the UESTC Discipline Inspection Commission, Confidentiality Office, Publicity Department, Academic Affairs Office, Security Department, Logistics Support Department, School Hospital, Information Center and other departments coordinate to establish various security teams to ensure the smooth re-examination work.


This year is the first time for UESTC to apply online remote re-examination method in the enrollment for graduate students. With the concerted efforts of the whole school, the enrollment of 2020 graduate students is successfully completed, which not only prevented and controls the epidemic risk effectively but also accumulates successful experience of new ways to select talents for school. It is reported that the remote re-examination of doctoral candidates in our school is being carried out in an orderly manner and it is expected to be fully finished in late June. UESTC will continue to fully engaged in enrollment of 2020 doctoral students.

Translated by Fan Zhaojun, supervised by Liao Min.

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