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The 2020 Commencement of UESTC

On June 28, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (hereinafter referred to as UESTC) held a grand graduation ceremony for the Year 2020 graduates. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, this graduation ceremony was held "on the cloud". The offline ceremony was held in the atrium on the first floor of the Qingshuihe Campus library. The Weibo of People's Daily and other 10 online platforms broadcast the live synchronously, and more than 8600 Year 2020 graduates gathered online to take the "last lesson" of their studies on campus.


The graduation ceremony was attended by Prof. Wang Yafei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Prof. Zeng Yong, President of UESTC, Prof. Xiong Caidong, Prof. Yang Xiaobo, Prof. Hu Haoquan, Prof. Peng Lan, Prof. Jin Min, Prof. Xu Hongbing, Prof. Hu Jun, members of the Academic Committee of UESTC, heads of various Schools and departments, and representatives of the Year 2020 graduates. Prof. Shen Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the ceremony.


On behalf of the University and Party Secretary Wang Yafei, Prof. Zeng Yong offered the warmest congratulations and best wishes to the graduates, and extended great respect and heartfelt gratitude to the faculties, relatives and friends who were dedicated to their growth and cultivation. This graduation season was unprecedented, yet it created a stronger bond between the graduates and their alma mater. Students were about to leave UESTC for a new journey of their life while carrying forward the philosophy of "being realistic and broadminded".

On the occasion of parting, Prof. Zeng Yong shared with the graduates three pieces of advice: First, the graduates are supposed to elevate your life altitude with universal love. In other words, the graduates should not only love themselves, their families, classmates and friends, but also love their motherland and the general public. Whether it is during the time of SARS, the Wenchuan earthquake, or the COVID-19 epidemic, boundless love is enough to overcome difficulties and bring relief. Just as the saying goes, "If everybody is willing to care for others, the world will be a delightful Eden." Second, the graduates should have great virtue and enrich their life. That means that the graduates should be determined to serve the country and the people since virtue is the foundation of one's moral integrity, proper deeds and good education. The graduates have witnessed the accomplishment of the first Centenary Goal, and they now serve as the new drivers for the implementation of the second Centenary Goal as well as the obligation of a building China into a powerful socialist modern country. Consequently, they are duty-bound to make unremitting efforts and strive for the realization of Chinese Dream. Third, it is important to be broadminded and make greater contributions during their lifetime. A broad mind can ensure a meaningful life. In the context of the new era, the graduates are supposed to be realistic and broadminded so as to make contributions to the country, the people, and society. As a result, they will be able to dedicate their youth to the needs of the Party and the general public.

Prof. Zeng Yong encouraged the graduates to be pioneers of this new era under the guidance of universal love, great virtue, and a broadmind, so that they are going to enrich their life and embrace the brightest future. He hoped that the graduates could return to UESTC whenever they have spare time since the beautiful University embodies the shared sense of belonging.


Basketball star Kobe Bryant wondered "how many people had ever seen Los Angeles at 4:00 in the morning". As for Wang Dehui, a Year 2020 doctoral graduate of the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences have been engrossed in his studies until 4 am for countless times. By emphasizing three key words: endeavor, concentration, and gratitude, Wang called on all the fellow students to carry forward the philosophy of "being realistic and broadminded", strive for social progress, and lead a meaningful life. He believed that the course of struggle is bound to be fraught with hardships, so that it is necessary to make progress step-by-step, remain devoted and strengthen self-discipline. It is also essential to concentrate on one's studies and scientific research, and specialize in a field instead of merely scratching the surface. Meanwhile, the graduates should be grateful for the companionship and cultivation offered by their parents, relatives, and teachers, extend gratitude to the great motherland and the opportunities in the new era, and constantly improve their morals, temper their character, and consolidate their achievements.


Prof. Cheng Hong, a representative of the faculty from the School of Automation Engineering, said in his speech that the inheritance of excellent Chinese traditional cultural values from generation to generation may explain why Chinese civilization has withstood the test of time for over 5,000 years. Despite a long way to go, the scale and speed of China's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic have fully demonstrated the institutional advantages. The world is inherently characterized by asymmetry, complexity and uncertainty, and the year of 2020 has just made such trends more dominant. He hoped that the graduates would be able to seek certainty, quickly adapt to the new working and learning environment, stick to their aspirations even in the face of difficulties, and look for definite opportunities and orientations under the background of instability. They should adopt interdisciplinary thinking, get accustomed to the profound changes in science and technology featuring the acceleration of interdisciplinary integration, the constant emergence of new disciplines and the continuous extension of marginal fields. Furthermore, it is crucial for the graduates to be braced up for the ideal of serving the society by harnessing scientific and technological advancement, serve as a new generation of contributors with the sense of mission, and give full play to their capability in the context of IT revolution in China.


On behalf of UESTC alumni, Wu Jianqi, one of the Year 1987 graduates and chief scientist of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, congratulated the graduates on their graduation during this special period of epidemic prevention and control via video. He hoped that the graduates would be grateful and commit themselves to serving the country. He said that it is owing to the first-class education and training he received at his alma mater that he is always determined to rise up to challenges and blaze new trials. This is also the basis for maintaining self-confidence and the courage for innovation. All great undertakings are achieved step by step. It is of prime importance to fully grasp the trend of times, stick to the right orientation, and pay close attention to national priorities. Therefore, the graduates are supposed to take a long-term view to plan their career development while combining the trend of scientific and technological advancement, strive to make minor contributions in 2-3 years and achieve milestone breakthroughs in 5-10 years, so that the achievements can be integrated like a pearl necklace. To achieve success in their respective positions will be the best reward to their alma mater and teachers.

Prof. Yang Xiaobo, Vice President of UESTC, read out the Decision on Commending the Provincial and UESTC Outstanding Graduates of Year 2020, hoping that the graduates would make continuous progress through unremitting efforts and pursue excellence while being realistic and broadminded. It is advisable for all fellow graduates and students to learn from them and strive for a promising future. This year, He Zhangping and other 103 graduates were awarded as the Outstanding Graduates of Year 2020 in Sichuan Province while Wu Congwen and other 750 graduates won the title of Year 2020 Outstanding UESTC Graduates.



The song of "Ode to the Motherland" brought a successful end to the graduation ceremony. Present graduates took photos with their teachers and classmates one after another, perpetuating the unforgettable moment at the end of their life on campus. Ma Xiao, a doctoral graduate majoring in electromagnetic field and microwave technology from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, who is about to work at CETC-29, said that he was very excited at this moment. Although the epidemic had interrupted many procedures of the graduation season, the University still provided everyone with the opportunity to take part in the online graduation ceremony. He offered his best wishes to UESTC and hoped it would make greater progress in response to the "Double First-Class" initiative.

The graduation ceremony was broadcast live via multiple online platforms such as People's Daily, Weibo of People's Daily,, and the CCTV channel, official Weibo, Toutiao, Douyin, bilibili, Feishu, digital TV and so on. It has attracted wide attention from the faculty, students, alumni, parents and the public from all social sectors.

Translated by Xie Wenjuan, supervised by Long Mei.

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