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Eighth in China! 2019 Graduates' Advanced Study Rate in UESTC Continues to Rise

On June 12th, the ranking list of "Statistics on the Advanced Study Rate at Home and Abroad of Double First-rate Universities in 2019" was released, and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) ranked the eighth in China with an overall rate of 67.69%. This is the first time that UESTC has broken through the advanced study rate of 2/3 (66.93%) , ranking eighth in China last year. Since then, the advanced study rate of UESTC has continued to rise and been at the forefront of the country.


In recent years, the university adheres to the principle of "Focusing on the Undergraduates", taking education as the center, and attaches great importance to the undergraduates' advanced study. Relevant departments continue to build a more complete and well-positioned work system for advanced study, and accurately match the corresponding resources around goal guidance, atmosphere creation, background improvement, student grants and more; combining with its own situation and characteristics, each school closely focuses on the talent training goal, constantly improve measures and students’ quality for advanced study; all units in the university actively cooperate with each other and work together to promote students' advanced study in a multi-level and comprehensive way. Over the past ten years, the undergraduates’ advanced study rate in UESTC has increased continuously. "Learning in UESTC" has become a remarkable calling card of the university!


Next, the university will thoroughly carry out the requirements of Implementing Basic Task of Building Virtuous Talents and First-class Undergraduate Education Plan of UESTC, continue to promote the undergraduates advanced study, continuously optimize and adjust the structure of advanced study, further improve undergraduates’ quality for advanced study, and strive to cultivate innovation leading talents who can fulfill the task of national rejuvenation.

At the end of each year, according to the requirements of the relevant documents from the Ministry of Education, colleges and universities around the country shall prepare and issue the annual report on employment quality. As the information carrier of undergraduates' employment, the annual report on employment quality reflects the basic situation, relevant analysis, main characteristics, development trend and feedback on education, from which a direct understanding of the employment situation of colleges and universities can be seen. To some extent, the advanced study rate and employment rate of undergraduates at home and abroad reflects the talent training quality and level of a college or university.

According to the data published in the 2019 annual report on the undergraduates’ employment quality of colleges and universities, the national leading higher education data service organization "Qing Ta" has analyzed the graduates’ advanced study rate of this year. There are 128 Double First-rate colleges and universities included in the statistics, among which, due to the different standards of the announced advanced study rate of normal universities, the data from normal universities are only for reference. Meanwhile, in this round of statistics, the advanced study rate of normal universities excludes the public-funded normal students. In addition, China University of Geosciences, China University of Mining and Technology and China University of Petroleum are listed as two universities for statistics.

Translated by Shu Hao, supervised by Long Mei.

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