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UESTC Holding Working Conference on Construction Progress of Center for West African Studies and Center for Israeli Studies

On June 29, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) held a working conference on the construction progress of Center for West African Studies and Center for Israeli Studies in 2020 to discuss the following high-quality and characteristic development of the centers based on the annual key work, essential construction objectives, thoughts and achievements. Shen Xiaorong, Deputy Party Secretary of UESTC, attended the conference.


At the conference, heads of Center for West African Studies and Center for Israeli Studies introduced the achievements of the centers in scientific research, personnel training and think tank construction in the past three years, and reported the work plan and key work in 2020. After three years of construction, Center for West African Studies has formed a certain influence in the domestic African research field, cooperation and exchange, and talent attraction. Next, the center will focus on three main objectives of talent cultivation, think tank construction and academic exchange, take scientific research as the starting point, and take promoting the construction of West African studies think tank as the primary task, so as to better boost various undertakings development of the center. Since the establishment of Center for Israeli Studies, the center has made full use of UESTC's electronic information characteristics and research advantages of humanities and social sciences to continuously consolidate its foundation for development. The “Sichuan-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Strategic Cooperation Agreement” signed by the Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province, UESTC and Sichuan Agricultural University, provides new development opportunities for the center to focus on science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, learn from Israel's wisdom, integrate Israel's resources, and help regional economic development.

Participants of the conference also exchanged views on how to build a high-level and distinctive national research center in the next step.

After listening to the speeches, Shen Xiaorong fully affirmed the achievements made by two Centers in recent years in terms of scientific research fruits and social influence, and worked with other participants to provide suggestions for the development of the centers. She stressed that the development of the two Centers must adhere to a high starting point and high standards, strengthen cooperation with first-class scholars and institutions, be committed to serving the country's major needs, and strive to construct a national think tank. Everyone should stick to open development, gather scholars from all walks of life to the greatest extent, consolidate the construction of core research team, seriously expand resources, and actively search for support from the government and the industry. To reflect the high level, everyone should regularly submit high-quality think tank reports to national ministries and commissions and local governments, invite the government, industry and academic circles to jointly hold high-level forums, publish high-level articles in combination with the research direction of the center and the discipline direction of the university, and do a good job in cultivating high-level talents and making voice on high-level media. In order to become distinctive, it is necessary to make full use of the discipline advantages of the university, explore a set of development path in line with the actual situation of the centers in the research direction, management mechanism and operation mode, and tell the development story of the centers well. All functional departments should effectively solve the problems encountered in the operation of Center for West African Studies and Center for Israeli Studies, and provide strong guarantee for the development of the centers.

The relevant responsible persons of School of Management and Economics, School of Public Affairs and Administration and the Scientific Research Institute of UESTC attended the conference.

Translated by Shu Hao, supervised by Long Mei.


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