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Higher Research Institute (Shenzhen) of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Celebrated the First Batch of New Students

This year, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is celebrating its 40th birthday and the first anniversary of building an advanced demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, also welcomed the first batch of students from Higher Research Institute (Shenzhen) of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (hereinafter referred to as "Higher Research Institute"). On September 3, the first batch of postgraduate freshmen of Higher Research Institute carried their dreams full of passion to come to the beautiful Shenzhen and started a new journey of life.



Affected by the epidemic, in order to reduce the gathering of personnel and protect the health of students, Higher Research Institute has organized prep work. At 7:00 a.m. on September 3, a welcome team composed of personnel for check-in verification, safety and security, medical treatment and health and logistics support had made full preparations in their respective posts. Longhua District Central Hospital, Guanlan Police Station and Silver Star Group assisted Higher Research Institute in welcoming new comers.

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After completing the epidemic prevention and control process of “sterilization and anti-virus-monitoring body temperature-14-day trip monitoring”, freshmen should go to the designated place for registration. During this period, the “Welcome Wall for Freshmen”, “Signature Blessing Wall” and “Wishing Card Box” prepared by Higher Research Institute have greatly attracted the attention of students. Students all stop to take photos of each other or wish happiness to Higher Research Institute, dream about or look forward to future. After registration, students would receive a gift bag for freshmen prepared by UESTC and Shenzhen Advanced Research Institute.


 Higher Research Institute placed a large number of tents, seats and mineral water for students to rest and wait. At intersections and corners, signboards with reasonable layout have been placed and the location of various places in the Institute’s park is clearly shown. Between the check-in point and the dormitory, shuttle carts were prepared, which not only increased the speed of the round-trips, but also shielded the scorching sun.


 At the registration site, teachers from the Graduate Education Management Center, Graduate Student Affairs Management Center, Comprehensive Affairs Center, Financial Management Center, Scientific Research Management Center, and Human Resources Center, as well as volunteers from various places, have been ready early to provide considerate and sincere services with patience, care and smile. Under the guidance of the staff, the process of qualification examination, tuition payment, accommodation reservation, household registration, receiving gift packages and other processes are orderly, efficient and simple. The one-stop "no return" service enables freshmen to register quickly and smoothly.

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 The volunteers who provide services for new students are also freshmen of grade 2020. They came to attend training of welcoming new students a week in advance, took responsibility initiatively and were full of vigor. Volunteers took photos of new students, maintained the order of the scene, distributed gift bags, carried luggage and guided the route. They made efforts silently in the process of welcoming new students. Sweat had spread out all over clothes, but hadn’t reduced the enthusiasm of contributing for “students and Higher Research Institute”.

  In the background of deepening the reform of higher education, promoting the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and accelerating the construction of the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Higher Research Institute (Shenzhen) of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China was jointly established by UESTC and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government in December 2019. New graduate students of grade 2020 mainly study electronic information, artificial intelligence, information security, integrated circuits, computer, software engineering, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment, etc.




On the afternoon of September 2, entrusted by the District Party Committee and the District Government, Chen Jianmin, Deputy Head of Longhua District Government and Lu Jiang, Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Longhua District, visited the site to inspect the preparation work and console the staff. On the morning of September 3, Wang Yafei, Secretary of the Party Committee of UESTC, Xu Hongbing, Vice President of UESTC, and Tang Zhiwei, Executive Director of Higher Research Institute visited the freshmen and staff on the spot, carefully inquired about registration and had a cordial exchange with the students. In the afternoon, the school leaders visited the students' apartments to learn more about the students' accommodation environment, basic configuration, learning and living conditions, and listened to the students' opinions and suggestions.


Just as the Party and State have entrusted Shenzhen with the glorious task of exploring the road of China's reform and opening up, today, the Party and State also gives Shenzhen the lofty mission of “moving forward in the direction of building the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics and striving to create a city model of a powerful socialist country”. Shenzhen Government also places high hopes on Higher Research Institute (Shenzhen) of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, hoping that it will provide intellectual and talent support for the development of China's electronic information industry and related major equipment with "self-controllable, safe, reliable and efficient availability", and promote the high-quality development of Shenzhen's electronic information industry.

Translated by Yang Yunfei, supervised by Long Mei.


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