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Representatives from Center for West African Studies of UESTC Invited to Attend Online Symposium Commemorating 60th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Ghana

On September 16th, the commemoration and symposium on the 60th anniversary of China-Ghana relationship, sponsored by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), was held online. As representatives from the Center for West African Studies of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), President of the Chinese Society of African Historical Studies, Li Anshan, Professor of agreement of UESTC, President of the Ghana China Chamber of Commerce (GCCC), Tang Hong, member of the Advisory Committee of the Center for West African Studies of UESTC, and Professor Zhao Shurong, Director of the Center for West African Studies of UESTC were invited to attend the conference.

The symposium was presided over by Lin Yi, Vice President, with more than 100 attendees, including diplomatic envoys from some African countries in China, government departments such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce of China and Ghana, think tanks, media, enterprises, chambers of commerce and university students. At the symposium, Lin Songtian, President of CPAFFC, reviewed the development of China-Ghana relationship and spoke highly of the fruitful achievements made within 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Ghana. The symposium was also highly valued by the Ghanaian side. Ghanaian Vice President Bawumia attended the online conference and delivered a keynote speech, in which he affirmed the symposium on "Sino-Ghanaian Relations in the Post Epidemic Era" hosted by Liu Haifang, Director of the Center for African Studies Peking University, and expressed his thanks to the representatives from the Center for West African Studies of UESTC. In their speeches, Botchway, Ghanaian Foreign Minister, and Boateng, Ghanaian Ambassador in China, jointly reviewed the traditional friendship between China and Ghana and looked forward to the bright future of China, Africa and Ghana.


It has been 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Ghana. The friendship between the two countries has a long history and is sustainable. On the symposium, Li Anshan made a speech entitled "Review and Prospect of China Africa Relationship", in which he summarized the five stages of Chinese research on Africa and paid special attention to the studies of Ghana. In 2015, Peking University presented Professor Li Anshan's doctoral dissertation, British Rule and Rural Protest in Southern Ghana, in both Chinese and English versions, as a gift to Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations. China made one belt, one road ahead of the outbreak. Zhao Shurong made a speech called "Several Thoughts on Promoting Sino-Ghanaian Research in the Post Epidemic Era" which took the Novel Coronavirus epidemic as the premise and proposed that China and Ghana should continue to promote cooperation under the background of " The Belt and Road " and "African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)". Zhao said that the integration of medical services, the entry of China's Internet enterprises into Africa and poverty reduction should be made top priority. Furthermore, suggestions on the cooperation mode prospect of China and Ghana are put forward by Zhao. Tang Hong made a speech entitled "Sino-Ghanaian Trade in the Post epidemic Era". He first reviewed the 60 years of Sino-Ghanaian friendship, analyzed the impact of the epidemic on the trade between two countries, and pointed out that under the background of post epidemic situation, China and Ghana should actively promote the development of real economy and the implementation of industrial projects driven by the new technological revolution.

The representatives of this symposium unanimously agreed that the relationship between the two countries has entered a new era. Ghana, as the Secretariat country of AfCFTA, can be one of the favorable conditions for promoting the development of China and Ghana. The two countries have great potential for cooperation in trade, education, poverty reduction and medical treatment.

Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC):

The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (hereinafter referred to as CPAFFC) is a national people's organization engaged in non-governmental diplomacy of the People's Republic of China, which aims to enhance people's friendship, promote international cooperation, safeguard world peace and boost common development. On behalf of the Chinese people, CPAFFC makes extensive and deep friendship among the international community and countries around the world, lays and expands the social foundation of friendly relations between China and other countries, and is committed to the cause of all mankind’s unity and progress. The CPAFFC implements China's independent foreign policy of peace, adheres to the five principles of peaceful coexistence, carries out all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging and non-governmental friendship work, serves the great cause of China's peaceful development and reunification, and strives hard to build a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity. Various activities of CPAFFC are supported and sponsored by the Chinese government and all sectors of society. CPAFFC has setted up 46 regional or national friendship associations at home and abroad and established friendly and cooperative relations with 413 non-governmental organizations in 157 countries in the world.

The CPAFFC was founded on May 3rd, 1954 by ten national social organizations. Originally known as the Chinese People's Association for Foreign Culture, it was renamed as Chinese People's Association for Cultural Friendship with Foreign Countries in 1966 and changed into its current name since 1969. The site of the CPAFFC is in Beijing. There are local branches in different provinces, autonomous regions, Municipalities Directly under the Central Government and some cities, districts and counties in China.

Brief Introduction of Center for West African Studies of UESTC:

The Center for West African Studies of UESTC was established in April 2017. It is a characteristic research center jointly established by UESTC, the University of Ghana, the University of Cape Coast of Ghana, the School of Administration and Management of Ghana, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana and the Development University of Ghana. The center relies on School of Public Affairs and Administration, with Professor Zhao Shurong as the director.

The establishment of the Center for West African Studies is an important measure for UESTC to implement the "strategy of national philosophy and social sciences going abroad", and it is also a beneficial exploration for UESTC to build an international interdisciplinary research system and a new high-class "think tank". Based on the discipline and international exchange advantages of UESTC, the center focuses on the practical problems and needs of the development of West African countries; on the foundation of foreign students’ cultivation, the center builds a high-level international academic exchange platform to issue research topics, carry out joint research, and provide superb think tank service for China and West African countries.

Translated by Shu Hao, supervised by Long Mei.


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