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Friendly reminder 温馨提示


Dear students:

新年好!Happy New Year!


Recently, the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia has occurred in Wuhan City, Hubei Province and other places. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a special meeting on the first day of the new year to re-study, re-deploy and re-mobilize the epidemic prevention and control work. The Ministry of Education also issued continuous notices, which put forward specific requirements for the epidemic prevention and control work. In order to conscientiously implement the relevant deployment of the central government and the Ministry of Education, and ensure the health of teachers and students as well as the safety of the campus, the school has formulated the prevention and control plan of "pneumonia caused by new coronavirus", and imposed the control on personnel entering and leaving the campus, carried out the thorough investigation on the physical health of teachers and students, etc. In this special period, in line with the principle of being responsible for students, parents and society, we ask students to pay attention to the following points:

  1. 自觉遵守《中华人民共和国传染病防治法》和《突发公共卫生事件应急条例》等相关法律法规,自觉服从当地疫情防控工作的各项部署安排。Abide by the “Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases”, “the Regulations on the Emergency Response to Public Health Emergencies” and other relevant laws and regulations, and consciously obey the arrangements of the local epidemic prevention and control work.


    二、增强防病意识和自我保护能力,勤洗手、戴口罩、少出门、少聚集,如有发热、干咳、乏力、呼吸困难等症状,要及早就诊、及时报告。Strengthen the awareness of disease prevention and self-protection, wash hands frequently, wear masks, go out less and gather less. If there are fever, dry cough, fatigue, dyspnea and other symptoms, seek medical treatment as soon as possible and report in time.

    三、遵从学校防控方案的要求,为最大限度阻断疫情传播扩散渠道,归国留学生及校外住宿留学生不得提前返校、报到,学校会及时发布补考等工作调整通知。Comply with the requirements of the university's prevention and control plan, in order to block the spread of the epidemic to the maximum extent, those who have returned to their own home country or live off campus, do not return to the university and register in advance, and the university will issue in time the adjustment notice on make-up examination and other works.

四、保持联系方式畅通,以便及时获取相关信息。如有学习科研任务的,可在老师的指导下,因地制宜开展相关工作。Keep the in touch so as to obtain relevant information in time. If there is a task of learning and scientific research, do it according to local conditions under the guidance of teachers.

五、积极开展新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情以及其他传染病预防知识的宣传教育,不信谣、不传谣、不造谣,自觉引导亲朋养成科学文明健康的生活方式。Actively carry out the publicity and education of the new coronavirus infected pneumonia and other infectious diseases prevention knowledge, do not believe in, spread and fabricate rumors, consciously guide your relatives and friends to develop a scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle.


Wish you a happy Chinese New Year and a healthy family!




School of International Education



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