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Important notice 重要通知


Dear international students


In order to block the spread of nCoV, ensure the safety on campus, as well as answer the appeals of the students living in UESTC, the university makes the following provisions for entering and leaving the campus:


From now on, all international students are encouraged not to leave off the campus. If you want to buy necessities of life, you can combine the needs of many people and entrust one or two persons to purchase out of university.


If you need to leave the campus, please ask for leave half an hour in advance from your school counselor. The counselor will contact with the security department for confirmation, then the security will release.


The students of Qingshuihe campus enter and exit from the west gate 1; the students of Shahe campus still enter and exit from the new village gate.


Those who do not wear masks are not allowed to leave school;


During this unusual period, staying out late, bringing outsiders into the dormitory and other disciplinary violations will be subject to punishment ranging from suspension of scholarships to expulsion.



School of International Education



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